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About Welovelinks

Since the very beginning, the Internet has been made of links, links people have been sharing among each other.

But we felt sharing lots of links in an email or through instant message was cumbersome. That’s where the idea of Welovelinks germinated in our heads.

Welovelinks allows to create a single short link containing as many links as you want. This allows you to share easily link lists with your friends, with your team, with your customers, etc. You can give a name to your link collection, and choose a custom background. You may edit your link list as often as you’d like and keep the same shortlist.

We believe in privacy so we built Welovelinks on a privacy-first approach and we don’t use cookies to track you across devices or days.

We love creativity, that’s why we allow you to choose nice photos from Unsplash on this service.

We focus on performance, so we built Welovelinks using Cloudflare Workers so that it runs in a data-center close to you.

Welovelinks is designed and developed by, a French innovation company focused on building useful (utile in French) services.

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